HoneySens initially started out as a diploma thesis and emerged later into a joint project between the Technische Universität Dresden, SID (Staatsbetrieb Sächsische Informatik Dienste) and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. This page offers downloads for the freely available Community Edition (CE), which ships with a limited number of honeypot services and currently only supports deployment on BeagleBone devices. The Community Edition forms the basis for the commercial distribution of HoneySens, which can be obtained from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. With each new release, features from the commercial version are backported to the Community Edition.

Community Edition

The Community Edition (CE) is periodically updated, licensed under Apache 2.0 and offers a subset of features of the Enterprise Edition. HoneySens CE 20.01 This release streamlines the management of honeypot services, event filtering and sorting and adds support for dockerized sensors.

Enterprise Edition

The commercial edition is available from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.


This page lists older releases of the Community Edition that are no longer maintained. HoneySens CE 18.12 First public release of the Community Edition, prebuilt images are no longer available.